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Explain and analyze how the hunger games is a critique of Capitalism.

The Hunger Games offers a strong critique of capitalism by presenting the nation of Panem in a light similar to a prototypical corporation within a capitalist society. A clear indication of this analogy that runs throughout the book is the relationship between the Capital, and the nation’s 12 districts. The Capital is presented as the “corporation’s” head quarters, where all the important decisions are made, and where all the “executives” reside. Each of the 12 districts is presented as a very specialized and unique “business unit” within this larger “corporation”. What unites the 12 districts is a common understanding that their purpose is in many ways to serve the Capital. In fact, each district is strictly known for its main economic industry, and defined by the type of resources it contributes to the Capital. For example, when the costumes are chosen for each of the contestants at the Hunger Games ( a fight to the death that involves two participants from each district chosen at random meant to instil fear into Panem’s residents and keep them in line), the stylists attempt to dress each contestant with something that symbolizes their district. This often means dressing them in attire that represents the main industry that their district is known for. [...]

Discuss how the film invited the viewer to think about how masculinity is under threat from consumer culture.

David Finch’s The Fight Club invites the viewer on multiple occasions to think about the role that consumer culture plays in defining masculinity. The film does this by creating a contrast between what masculinity has become, and what it should be by displaying two worlds: The “real world”, and the “fight club world”. Who you are in the “fight club world” is not who you are in the “real world”, and how various characters in the film act in the two worlds serve to sharpen this contrast. The defining aspects of masculinity in these two worlds are polar opposites. In the “real world”, masculinity is defined by what you own in a material respect. On the other hand, in the “fight club word”, masculinity and self worth are not defined by materials that carry with them specific symbols, but by stamina and the ability to withstand pain; features that are supposed to provide the fighters with a true and more real sense of being that simply does not exist in the “real world”. The film portrays masculinity as defined by the “real world” as a threat to this true sense of being that exists in the “fight club world”, and to what masculinity should be. [...]

Briefly identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of Flamholtz’ conceptual model about management/organization from you supported perspective.

One of the weaknesses of Flamholtz‟s model can be found in the underlying assumptions and premises he makes in defining the overall purpose of organizational control. According to Flamholtz, there are four functions of control, the first being creating a state of goal congruence. The second and third goals are stated as organizational integration and „autonomy of control‟ meant to “permit the decentralization of day-to-day activities while….assuring that organizational activities are achieved.” The fourth function according to Flamholtz is implementation of strategic planning. A noticeable feature of the second and third goals in particular is that they are quite generic, and can have varying levels of significance depending on the size of a company and its organizational structure. Flamholtz does not argue otherwise, and in fact makes it clear that size and structure are important, but it is important to make it clear that the four functions he outlines and bases his model on are not created equal. For example, a smaller organization is likely to weigh goal congruence and implementation of strategic planning more heavily than organizational integration and autonomy of control for the simple fact that the smaller in size a company is, the less complex its organizational structure is likely to be. [...]

Making Men Less “Manly”: The Impact of Female Labour in the Nineteenth Century

The nineteenth century showcased increasing numbers of women entering into the previously male-dominated western workforce—as exemplified by the United States and France—thereby challenging widely held notions of what comprises the masculine identity. Stereotypically and historically, masculinity has long been associated with having a constant source of income (and therefore money as well as the power it brings) and an expression of sexual virility. Thus, the entrance of women in the workforce in nineteenth century France and in the United States combined shifting sexual values in these countries overturned existing gender roles, resulting in a trend of “emasculating” the male population, by lessening both their sexual and fiscal powers. In this paper, I will consider the professional roles afforded to women in the United States in the early nineteenth century and France in the late nineteenth century, and the changing sexual values at the time that lent women increased agency, as stemming from their newly-acquired cash incomes and their control over men’s sexual expression, such as through the control of the prostitution sphere. [...]

Executive Summary

I am writing to thoroughly assess the various proposals put forward by Ajax to make The Not So Prestigious Data Services Company profitable. This will better enable Ajax, the CEO of the company to make the most appropriate decision in the hope that will start making profits. Since its founding in October of 2009, TNSPDSC has been making losses, with mild, but without any foreseeable pattern of permanent improvements. Losses increased by 59.36% from October to November, and decreased by 20.66% from November to December. This attributed to a similar trend in revenue, and a relatively stable amount of total expenses. It should be well noted that the fourth quarter financial statement did not make clear which costs are variable, and which are fixed. Identifying the moving parts that maybe changeable would further enable The Not So Prestigious Data Services Company to identify ways in which it may cut costs, and become profitable. I have determined that power, and operational costs are a combination of fixed, and variable costs. The fixed components for power, and operations were $100/month, and approximately $500.54/month respectively. [...]

Taking Back Control: How Individuals Negotiate Their Media Consumption

In their daily lives, individuals are regularly surrounded by a vast array of media such as videogames, music, television, and movies. These forms of media directly reflect the individual consumer’s specific social situation, allowing them to be able to “relate” to the forms of entertainment mass media industries make available. Although critics of mainstream mass media often theorize that individuals are completely vulnerable to the violence, stereotypes, and questionable moralities that are pervasive within these forms of media, they often neglect to take into account how individuals manipulate these media artifacts as tools to serve their goal-oriented consumption within their specific social settings. Thus, individuals regularly employ media to negotiate and exert control over their environment toward multiple ends: to establish their individual identity and social status among their peers, to learn life skills that also potentially improve their social standing, and to recognize and brush off mass media stereotypes that threaten to heighten the rates of delinquency among the media audience. [...]