Even if you don’t particularly care for horror as a genre, practicing writing it can help you write other genres. So to help you learn what it takes to terrify your readers, we’re interviewing Edmund Stone, one of the best horror writers in our community, to talk about how horror can improve your writing. Horror

How to Keep Writing After Failure

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Writing a great story is hard. Every author worth his or her salt knows this from painful experience. And if you’re setting out to write something worthwhile, you’re going to encounter failure along the way. But that doesn’t mean you’re a failed writer. Despite the temptation to give up or run away from writing again, you

In high school, I was part of an amazing football team. We won most of our games and routinely went to the State Championship. But it wasn’t just the players that made the team great — it was also the coaches. And writing coaches can have just as great an impact on our writing. An

It’s that time of year again. The newness and hope of a fresh start has worn off and if you’re like me, old habits beckon like a warm blanket. Whether you are still holding firm on your resolutions, didn’t make any, or have already abandoned your “new year, new you,” the challenge of resolutions provides

Are you considering taking Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass? Neil Gaiman is a brilliant author, and expert-led MasterClasses are known for being informative and inspiring. If you’re wondering whether Neil Gaiman’s class is right for you, read on for my Neil Gaiman MasterClass review. In this post, I’m going to share my personal Neil Gaiman MasterClass review.

How do you become a great writer? How do you write books that people love? How do you turn your writing into a career without losing it as a passion? These are the problems I was trying to help writers solve when I started The Write Practice in 2011, and in 2018, we did more

To my knowledge, no one has ever claimed that the life of a writer is easy. Not without a heavy dose of sarcasm. Any process that involves the production of creativity on demand will mess with your head. As writers, we deal with Resistance on a regular basis. And just when you think you’ve got

It’s that time of year: people everywhere are making lists of goals to accomplish in the new year. Some want to exercise more, others want to try a new hobby, other still hope to work on being more confident, the list goes on. We as writers have unique writing goals, ones related specifically to our

Why do some books “work,” while others don’t? Why do readers ravenously consume one book, while they put down another and forget about it entirely? If you want to write books that readers love, you’d be wise to find answers to these questions and apply those answers to your work. Thankfully, there’s a resource available

In order to succeed, one thing writers need is stress-free time to work and think, which is why the holidays can be hard for us. With all the added parties and present buying and family events, it can be easy to feel stuck and unable to write. 3 Tricks for Writing During the Holidays Yes,